What is Different about Asian Massage?

the Asian massage

Ancient Asian massage is still practiced in various forms around the world today.

What we now refer to as Asian massage techniques were originally healing rituals that were developed over many centuries in India, China and the Far East. The western world has seen an increased interest in the more holistic health approach found in disciplines such as Pilates and Yoga, and this has led to a natural interest in the Asian massage forms including Thai Massage and Shiatsu.

Thai massage is misleading in name, as it was actually first developed in India. It utilizes an ancient breathing technique known as Pranayama, and combines it with guided stretching and meridian pressure point therapy. The Pranyama breathing method relaxes the body and combines with the stretching and pressure point manipulation to strengthen the nervous system. At the end of a Thai massage a ritualized final relaxation is performed which leaves most customers intensely rested.

Taking the manipulation of pressure points one step further is “tui na“, more commonly known as the Chinese art of acupuncture. Acupuncture was developed over five thousand years ago and works by applying pressure to the body in certain key points. These points allow the acupuncture to activate the bodies own self-healing abilities. Acupuncture has been successfully used for centuries in the treatment of back pain, headaches and general stress. Combined with the correct relaxation music and a favorable environment it is an extremely relaxing procedure that has the added benefit of balancing the body and assisting with weight loss. Learn more about 5 benefit of Tui na

The most well known Japanese method of massage is Shiatsu. It’s key focus is energy rebalance within the body of the person receiving the massage. The rebalance uses he thumbs, the palms or fingers to apply pressure to specific areas of the body. The benefits from Shiatsu massage are numerous, and can include re-aligning the bone system, improving circulatory function, improved skin elasticity, greater muscle flexibility and the balancing of the bodies nervous system. Besides Shiatsu, there is another well known Japanese massage named ‘Nuru massage’, this is a kind of sensual massage develop for  lovers and parteners, you can learn more about nuru massage at nuru massage guide.

From Indonesia comes Javanese massage, another system of massage that uses all parts of the hand, including fingertips and knuckles to stoke, knead and massage each of the muscle areas being worked on. Javanese massage frequently uses a massage oil to help facilitate the massage therapy. The massage has multiple uses, working on the muscles and nerve groups to relive tension and back pain. It can also be employed to speed and assist in the healing of fractures. An Indonesian Javanese massage is much more forceful than other varieties of Asian massage. At the time it may feel painful, but the long term benefits are worth the short term inconvenience.

Because Asian massages takes the whole body into account, it often has unforseen benefits as a result of the balancing effects it has on the body. A back problem for instance may begin it’s treatment with massage of the foot or leg. This is reflective of an art that has been developed over 5000 years and reminds us once again that even all this time ago practitioners of massage had a remarkable understanding of how parts of the human body interrelate and depend on each other.

Knowing the type of massage therapy that will suit you

There are numerous techniques and approaches to massage. Some massage therapists use their fingers, hands, elbows, stones etc. in order to helpclients relax and reduce stress and muscle tension. TSFZ London is a company specialising in massage. They adopt a one of a kind technique that can reduce stress and alleviate tension in a matter of minutes.
Different types of massage may attract different appointment times; some slots being 15 or 30 minutes and others extending to an hour or more. TSFZ London can accommodate whatever appointment time fits the client’s needs whilst ensuring a highly enjoyable experience for all. The TSFZ London massage therapists are specialized with a perfected, unique experience that removes stress and ensures maximum client satisfaction and pleasure.

Types of massage

As mentioned above, there are numerous types of massage, these include:

1. Swedish massage or also known as massage therapy – utilises circular movement, kneading and smooth strokes to remove stress and tension in the body. Oil or massage lotion is used to complete the service.

2. Aromatherapy massage – uses individually selected essential oils to reduce stress, increase relaxation, promote balance and energize.

3. Stone massage – smooth, heated stones are pressed on a specific body part in order to balance the energy in the body and loosen any tight muscles.

4. Deep tissue – slow strokes are used in order to get to the deep layers of the muscles to reduce postural problems, painful muscles, injure recovery and repetitive strains.

5. Shiatsu – uses rhythmic finger pressure to pinpoint any muscle tension, helping to regain balance and let the energy in their body run smoothly.

TSFZ London utilise some elements of the above, combined with their unique specialist techniques to fully stimulate and ensure maximum pleasure from the massage experience. For additional information check here

8 Noteworthy Reasons Your Body Must Have A Massage Today

Regardless of what type of massage you get – Swedish, full-body, sports – your body can benefit greatly from the experience. Most people understand that a massage’s primary goal is to help a person feel more relaxed – to be in a calm state of mind. However, scientific research has learned that a massage is far better for one’s health than previously thought.

In fact, there are seven key reasons you need to book a massage session with your local massage therapy clinic.

massage could help

8 Reasons You Need To Consider A Massage Today

It Helps In Increasing Happier Feelings

• A massage is helpful in alleviating cortisol, the stress hormone, and increase the number of neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. Basically, a massage can reduce your blood pressure level and make you feel happy.

It Reduces Your Pain

• Based on various research, people who are in pain tend to feel much better and more functional after a massage. In fact, the benefits were just as powerful as taking medication, getting exercise or undergoing acupuncture.

Massages Help Stimulate Better Sleep

• Have you ever had a massage and suddenly realized you fell asleep? According to studies, a massage boosts the delta waves in the brain, which are linked to the deep sleep stage. A massage at home, when you’re having a hard time, could be just what you need to fall into a deep slumber.

Massages Helps Increase Your Immune System

• If you suffer with constant colds, then you’ll be glad to know that a massage can increase your body’s immune system and white blood cells, fighting off the bacteria and other harmful things during the cold and flu season.

PMS Levels Are Better Managed

• Do you suffer with PMS problems? A massage can help alleviate the symptoms – bloating and mood swings, for example.

Massages Help Reduce Your Headaches

If you suffer with headaches, you’ll be glad to learn that a 30-minute massage can reduce the pain that comes along with a tension headache along with how often they occur.

It Helps In Bettering Your Concentration Levels

• If you have a difficult time staying focused on something, a 15-minute massage can increase your concentration level. According to a study, people who did a 15-minute massage were able to quickly finish a math test and do it correctly.

Cancer Sufferers Can Get Some Relief

• People who have been diagnosed with cancer can benefit from a massage, as it helps them fight the cancer symptoms and treatment after-effects like depression, pain and tiredness.

What Are 3 Tantric Massage Secrets Everybody Should Know?

What Are 3 Tantric Massage Secrets Everybody Should Know?

Tantric massage is an amazing thing. It helps you to release stress and tension, stimulates arousal, and improves your libido. But there are some things about it that everyone should know. Mainly, these three secrets.

Secret Number One: Tantric Massage Does Not Equal a “Happy Ending”

This is perhaps the biggest misconception about tantric massage. People hear the term and they immediately think about shady massage parlors that offer a happy ending for an additional price. The media has certainly helped to spread this misinformation, as quite often such establishments are shown on TV and in movies. It has almost become a joke, and all masseuses now face scrutiny as a consequence.

the tantric massage

But tantric massage does not mean intimate favours. In fact, most parlours and escorts who offer this service wouldn’t be furious if they were asked to perform anything other than the massage. That doesn’t mean this is always the case. Some places do provide the proverbial ‘happy ending’. Though it is rare in an industry that is usually very against such activities.

The point behind tantric massage is to increase Health and stimulate arousal that can be used after the massage. It is a unique and intense experience, but not an obscene one.

Secret Number Two: Many Escorts Offer Tantric Massage As “Full Service”

As mentioned above, many escorts offer tantric massage. But you might not see this advertised in their ads. Instead, they say that they are ‘full service’, which is not a euphemism for sex. It means they provide tantric massage and other forms of massage, usually built into the per hour price you have agreed upon. It is one of the many benefits of seeking out their services.

during the tantric massage

Watch out for hidden fees, however. Many escorts will guarantee that what you are quoted while booking is the only price you pay. Some others will try to wriggle more cash out of you. To avoid this, go with a legitimate tantric masage agency like the Lust Tantric Massage  or Tantric massage guide rather than independent escorts you see on Craigslist, or in backpage website ads. Agencies will generally keep a handle on the practices of their girls, as they want to offer a legitimate and high quality service.

Secret Number Three: You Can Learn To Perform Tantric Massage On Yourself

You don’t have to hire someone to perform tantric massage. With the help of websites, books and videos, you can learn to perform tantric massage on yourself or a partner. It is much simpler than you might think, and it could be a real boost to your love life. Or your own self pleasure, as this form of massage is used to stimulate the entire body and heighten desire and bliss.

This is probably the most useful skill you can learn for sexual practices, and is highly recommended.

learn the tantra

learn tantra


Benefits of Massage

Massage is one of those rare things that feels good AND is good for you! Here are the reasons I believe in massage (and why I get them myself!).

Induces Profound Relaxation & Restful Sleep

Sometimes, in our busy lives, we forget to relax, and we forget how good relaxing feels. A good massage activates the parasympathetic nervous response, in which the heart slows down, skeletal muscles relax, pupils constrict, sweat glands deactivate, and normal digestion occurs. The body is allowed to rest & digest. The right music & sounds can also lower heartbeat, blood pressure, and breathing rate, and actually change brain waves to slower, alpha and theta frequencies that put a person in a state of calm, heightened awareness, & meditation. Simply practicing relaxation will help you sleep better.

Does the Body Good

Massage affects every system in the body, including promoting blood circulation, removing wastes and supplying oxygen & nutrition to cells. Massage aids in tissue healing and recovery, and can increase joint flexibility & lubrication. Massage moves lymphatic fluid and boosts immune efficiency. Massage also relieves muscle pain & spasm and promotes healthier skin.

Increases Body Awareness

Many times, people won’t know (or won’t remember) they have a pattern of tension or maybe an old injury until I notice or they notice it during a massage. With awareness, you have the opportunity to address minor stresses before they become major problems.

Provides Human Touch/Emotional Reassurance

Sometimes you just need a hug! Touch is one of our most basic needs, providing communication, comfort, and self-esteem. Deprivation of touch has shown to affect growth, development, & immune functions in humans & animals. The Touch Research Institute cites numerous studies of healing touch used to treat Back Pain, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Infants, Fibromyalgia, Leukemia, and Migrane Headaches, to name a few. Visit their website for more information.

To dig deeper about massage benefits please read Mystic Massage’s “benefit of tantric massage” . Mystic Massage is an sensual massage parlour mainly focus on adult entertainment massage service, running by several qualified oriental massage therapists.

The TSFZ is different


What makes TSFZ different?

Having had many massages myself (many for treatment of various injuries; some purely for relaxation or health maintenance), I learned what I liked and didn’t like about different places and therapy styles. I used my experiences to create the kind of place I would want to go to!

It’s all about YOU:

I pay attention to your needs: I respond to your body language and concerns for each particular visit, spending more time in the areas that need more attention.
I use high-quality lotion, not oils, so you’ll feel moisturized, not greasy.
You get a full 75 minutes for your full-body massage, not 50 or 55 minutes like most places.
I use high quality materials AND keep prices at a minimum so people can afford massage more often. Massage is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.
I document my work so I can make better treatment suggestions, and so you can see your progress over time.
The focus is on you: Some massage therapists think it’s fine to go on and on the whole time about their disturbing life stories when you are getting your massage, but not here! Interaction is a good thing; but the focus should be on you being as comfortable & relaxed as possible so you will get the greatest benefit for your time & money.
I use soothing colors, smells, temperature, and sounds during the massage, tailoring to each client’s needs.
I’ve arranged for free parking for our clients, so you don’t have the stress of finding a parking space & risking getting a ticket.
Exceptional Hygiene: We fully disinfect the air and the table between each client, and follow strict standards of handwashing, linen washing, and equipment care.
Personal experience with treating pain: I have developed ways to minimize my own chronic pain from sports injuries, car accidents, and repetitive strain from driving, sitting, and working at a computer/corporate job. Through massage & mobility suggestions, I have been able to help myself & others reduce daily pain levels without drugs.


what is prostate massage

For a very long time, numerous conditions have appeared concerning the male sexual gland, but what specialists saw is that more and more men are suffering from prostate problems. This can affect the life in a negative way, from both a health and sexual standpoint.

A good way to deal with this issue however is to perform prostate massage, because this enables the gland to try and function properly, something that can lead to great results and thus allow the person to live in a normal fashion, much better than before, which is really cool to be honest.

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Why I think Massage is benefit

The day to day life has become very stressful in today’s demanding society, and because of that we need to find ways to loosen up and take care of our body the right way. The stressful life leads you to numerous conditions and it will make you suffer quite a lot, so getting a massage might be the right solution that you need in order to feel better and take care of yourself the right way.

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What is Tantra?

Tantra has been one of the most neglected branches of Indian spiritual studies despite the considerable number of texts devoted to this practice, which dates back to the 5th-9th century AD.

Many people still consider tantra to be full of obscenities and unfit for people of good taste. It is also often accused of being a kind of black magic. However, in reality, tantra is one of the most important Indian traditions, representing the practical aspect of the Vedic tradition.

The religious attitude of the tantriks is fundamentally the same as that of the Vedic followers. It is believed that the tantra tradition is a part of the main Vedic tree. The more vigorous aspects of Vedic religion were continued and developed in the tantras. Generally tantriks worship either Goddess Shakti or Lord Shiva.

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Tantra Chakras

Tantra Chakras, or wheels of life, are energy centers located along the spine in the etheric body. Each chakra is related to a corresponding endocrine gland. A healthy chakra should be spinning rapidly with each chakra moving the next one along. A weak chakra spins very little, if at all, and can therefore slow down the spinning of the subsequent chakras. When any chakra is halted or slowed down, illness sets in because the flow of energy is impeded. Active, healthy chakras not only stimulate our physical being, but they also keep us healthy and balanced emotionally and mentally.

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