Knowing the type of massage therapy that will suit you

There are numerous techniques and approaches to massage. Some massage therapists use their fingers, hands, elbows, stones etc. in order to helpclients relax and reduce stress and muscle tension. TSFZ London is a company specialising in massage. They adopt a one of a kind technique that can reduce stress and alleviate tension in a matter of minutes.
Different types of massage may attract different appointment times; some slots being 15 or 30 minutes and others extending to an hour or more. TSFZ London can accommodate whatever appointment time fits the client’s needs whilst ensuring a highly enjoyable experience for all. The TSFZ London massage therapists are specialized with a perfected, unique experience that removes stress and ensures maximum client satisfaction and pleasure.

Types of massage

As mentioned above, there are numerous types of massage, these include:

1. Swedish massage or also known as massage therapy – utilises circular movement, kneading and smooth strokes to remove stress and tension in the body. Oil or massage lotion is used to complete the service.

2. Aromatherapy massage – uses individually selected essential oils to reduce stress, increase relaxation, promote balance and energize.

3. Stone massage – smooth, heated stones are pressed on a specific body part in order to balance the energy in the body and loosen any tight muscles.

4. Deep tissue – slow strokes are used in order to get to the deep layers of the muscles to reduce postural problems, painful muscles, injure recovery and repetitive strains.

5. Shiatsu – uses rhythmic finger pressure to pinpoint any muscle tension, helping to regain balance and let the energy in their body run smoothly.

TSFZ London utilise some elements of the above, combined with their unique specialist techniques to fully stimulate and ensure maximum pleasure from the massage experience. For additional information check here