What is Tantra?

Tantra has been one of the most neglected branches of Indian spiritual studies despite the considerable number of texts devoted to this practice, which dates back to the 5th-9th century AD.

Many people still consider tantra to be full of obscenities and unfit for people of good taste. It is also often accused of being a kind of black magic. However, in reality, tantra is one of the most important Indian traditions, representing the practical aspect of the Vedic tradition.

The religious attitude of the tantriks is fundamentally the same as that of the Vedic followers. It is believed that the tantra tradition is a part of the main Vedic tree. The more vigorous aspects of Vedic religion were continued and developed in the tantras. Generally tantriks worship either Goddess Shakti or Lord Shiva.

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About the Tantric massage

Tanric massage is the massage that can help you awaken your sexual energy as one of the primary goals of the massage is to enlighten the Tantra. Kundalini is a dominant part that can awaken your sexual energy and provide you healing energy.

London Tantric massage is becoming more and more popular in our culture because of the pleasure and health benefits it can bring. The massage is capable of awakening the Kundalini and eventually awakening your sexual energy. The massage is also capable of making you feel as if you are in a new world, where there are no physical boundaries. Eventually all your worries are going to disappear and you will no longer remember your problems.

Tanric massage is also being been enjoyed for meeting the sexual needs and awakening up the social expectations that seem to be covered up with the daily stress and strain.

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What Is Asian Massage?

Do you know what Is Asian Massage all about?

Asian massage is famous all over the world because of the unique massaging techniques incorporated in the massage therapy. This type of massage was first practiced in 3000 B.C for health care. Today, different types of Asian massage therapies have been introduced which include An-mo, Tui-na, Shiatsu and Thai massage.
In some parts of the world, Asian massage is known as Happy Ending. There are plenty of massage parlours in London where you can get Asian massage or Sensual massage from. There are professionally trained therapists available in all over the world, who are offering Asian massages. This type of massage is known to be morevigorous than western massages. The difference in health can be felt with just a single session.

Asian massage

essential oil for asian massage

Purpose of Asian massage

A nice Asian style sensual massage can also deliver a pleasurable sexual experience. Themain principle of this type of massage is to find those parts of the body that can provide pleasure to the receiver. The unique touching techniques performed by professional therapists can help you relax. The goal of the massage is not to offer orgasm to the receiver, it is meant to release all the tensions in the body that often clog up the sexual energy.

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