The TSFZ is different


What makes TSFZ different?

Having had many massages myself (many for treatment of various injuries; some purely for relaxation or health maintenance), I learned what I liked and didn’t like about different places and therapy styles. I used my experiences to create the kind of place I would want to go to!

It’s all about YOU:

I pay attention to your needs: I respond to your body language and concerns for each particular visit, spending more time in the areas that need more attention.
I use high-quality lotion, not oils, so you’ll feel moisturized, not greasy.
You get a full 75 minutes for your full-body massage, not 50 or 55 minutes like most places.
I use high quality materials AND keep prices at a minimum so people can afford massage more often. Massage is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.
I document my work so I can make better treatment suggestions, and so you can see your progress over time.
The focus is on you: Some massage therapists think it’s fine to go on and on the whole time about their disturbing life stories when you are getting your massage, but not here! Interaction is a good thing; but the focus should be on you being as comfortable & relaxed as possible so you will get the greatest benefit for your time & money.
I use soothing colors, smells, temperature, and sounds during the massage, tailoring to each client’s needs.
I’ve arranged for free parking for our clients, so you don’t have the stress of finding a parking space & risking getting a ticket.
Exceptional Hygiene: We fully disinfect the air and the table between each client, and follow strict standards of handwashing, linen washing, and equipment care.
Personal experience with treating pain: I have developed ways to minimize my own chronic pain from sports injuries, car accidents, and repetitive strain from driving, sitting, and working at a computer/corporate job. Through massage & mobility suggestions, I have been able to help myself & others reduce daily pain levels without drugs.


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