For your first session, have the …

TCFZ detox Massage

The ultimate health-maintenance massage…Long, therapeutic, Swedish strokes combine with gentle-to-firm kneading to detox your entire body.

  • 75 minute detox Massage: ₤60
  • 90 minute detox Massage: ₤75

Then, come back & get another! Or try a…

Serious Back & Neck Massage

Deeper back & neck work for days when the back and neck (or other areas) need serious attention.

30 minute Serious Back & Neck Massage: ₤30
60 minute Serious Back & Neck Massage: ₤60
Add 15 minutes for ₤15

Reiki Relaxation

Soothing Japanese method of light, hands-on healing…relaxes and balances the body’s energy centers. (Combine with massage or enjoy a separate, fully-clothed session.)

  • 30 minute Reiki Relaxation Session: ₤30
  • 60 minute Reiki Relaxation Session: ₤60
  • 105 minute Ultimate TCFZ detox Massage & Reiki Relaxation Session: ₤90

All in-office services include a post-treatment assessment & customized self-care recommendations.

Comfort of Home Massage (Offsite)

I bring a portable table to your home or hotel room so you can fully relax before & after your massage!

75 minute Comfort of Home Massage: ₤90 base price + mileage
Add ₤15 for each additional 15 minutes

Refresh & Relax Chair Massage (Offsite)

I come to your workplace or event and offer shorter sessions of fully-clothed massage for the back, head/neck, and arms. Chair massage is a hit at any function! At work, chair massage destresses and energizes for maximum morale & productivity, while aiding in overall health and pain relief for employees.

Refresh & Relax Chair Massage: ₤75/hour

Table massage is also available at your workplace or event. A private room is required. ₤75/hour

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