What Are 3 Tantric Massage Secrets Everybody Should Know?

What Are 3 Tantric Massage Secrets Everybody Should Know?

Tantric massage is an amazing thing. It helps you to release stress and tension, stimulates arousal, and improves your libido. But there are some things about it that everyone should know. Mainly, these three secrets.

Secret Number One: Tantric Massage Does Not Equal a “Happy Ending”

This is perhaps the biggest misconception about tantric massage. People hear the term and they immediately think about shady massage parlors that offer a happy ending for an additional price. The media has certainly helped to spread this misinformation, as quite often such establishments are shown on TV and in movies. It has almost become a joke, and all masseuses now face scrutiny as a consequence.

the tantric massage

But tantric massage does not mean intimate favours. In fact, most parlours and escorts who offer this service wouldn’t be furious if they were asked to perform anything other than the massage. That doesn’t mean this is always the case. Some places do provide the proverbial ‘happy ending’. Though it is rare in an industry that is usually very against such activities.

The point behind tantric massage is to increase Health and stimulate arousal that can be used after the massage. It is a unique and intense experience, but not an obscene one.

Secret Number Two: Many Escorts Offer Tantric Massage As “Full Service”

As mentioned above, many escorts offer tantric massage. But you might not see this advertised in their ads. Instead, they say that they are ‘full service’, which is not a euphemism for sex. It means they provide tantric massage and other forms of massage, usually built into the per hour price you have agreed upon. It is one of the many benefits of seeking out their services.

during the tantric massage

Watch out for hidden fees, however. Many escorts will guarantee that what you are quoted while booking is the only price you pay. Some others will try to wriggle more cash out of you. To avoid this, go with a legitimate tantric masage agency like the Lust Tantric Massage  or Tantric massage guide rather than independent escorts you see on Craigslist, or in backpage website ads. Agencies will generally keep a handle on the practices of their girls, as they want to offer a legitimate and high quality service.

Secret Number Three: You Can Learn To Perform Tantric Massage On Yourself

You don’t have to hire someone to perform tantric massage. With the help of websites, books and videos, you can learn to perform tantric massage on yourself or a partner. It is much simpler than you might think, and it could be a real boost to your love life. Or your own self pleasure, as this form of massage is used to stimulate the entire body and heighten desire and bliss.

This is probably the most useful skill you can learn for sexual practices, and is highly recommended.

learn the tantra

learn tantra


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