Asian massage

What Is Asian Massage?

Do you know what Is Asian Massage all about?

Asian massage is famous all over the world because of the unique massaging techniques incorporated in the massage therapy. This type of massage was first practiced in 3000 B.C for health care. Today, different types of Asian massage therapies have been introduced which include An-mo, Tui-na, Shiatsu and Thai massage.
In some parts of the world, Asian massage is known as Happy Ending. There are plenty of massage parlours in London where you can get Asian massage or Sensual massage from. There are professionally trained therapists available in all over the world, who are offering Asian massages. This type of massage is known to be morevigorous than western massages. The difference in health can be felt with just a single session.

Asian massage

essential oil for asian massage

Purpose of Asian massage

A nice Asian style sensual massage can also deliver a pleasurable sexual experience. Themain principle of this type of massage is to find those parts of the body that can provide pleasure to the receiver. The unique touching techniques performed by professional therapists can help you relax. The goal of the massage is not to offer orgasm to the receiver, it is meant to release all the tensions in the body that often clog up the sexual energy.

The history of Asian massage dates back to almost 1000 years. This massage therapy was a holistic medicine practice. It was a belief that human body has a life force and a way to work with this force was to touch certain areas of the body where the force was considered to be the strongest. These were the sexual areas of the body. Later, as this practice continued, Asian massage was born.

Is it different from tantric massage?

the tantric massage

the tantra energy

Asian massage is much like a tantric massage that can help an individual to trance and feel relaxed. The massage is so soothing that some people even feel they have fallen asleep but it is not sleep, it is the phase of unconsciousness in which you have entered. Kama Sutra has the same results. It lets the client reach to sexual ecstasy where he feels he has entered to another world.

Asian massage is much more than a simple massage. Some people call it a spiritual massage as it lets you feel as you are moving to another world that is full of peace. This massage is also practiced between partners. You can get it from a professional therapist too. You have to experience it to truly feel what it is like to get an Asian massage.

There are plenty of urban spas that are delivering Asian massage therapies. You cannot expect to get such a sensual massage from just anywhere. Sensitive and gentle touches are involved and the therapist must be familiar with how to use the body of the client to provide him ultimate pleasure he had been missing his whole life. These urban spas have licensed and trained professionals who are familiar with the Asian massage techniques. Keep in mind these massages are not just meant to offer sexual pleasure; they come with added benefits such as releasing stress, treating insomnia, and relaxing the muscles.

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