what is prostate massage

For a very long time, numerous conditions have appeared concerning the male sexual gland, but what specialists saw is that more and more men are suffering from prostate problems. This can affect the life in a negative way, from both a health and sexual standpoint.

A good way to deal with this issue however is to perform prostate massage, because this enables the gland to try and function properly, something that can lead to great results and thus allow the person to live in a normal fashion, much better than before, which is really cool to be honest.

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Why I think Massage is benefit

The day to day life has become very stressful in today’s demanding society, and because of that we need to find ways to loosen up and take care of our body the right way. The stressful life leads you to numerous conditions and it will make you suffer quite a lot, so getting a massage might be the right solution that you need in order to feel better and take care of yourself the right way.

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What is Tantra?

Tantra has been one of the most neglected branches of Indian spiritual studies despite the considerable number of texts devoted to this practice, which dates back to the 5th-9th century AD.

Many people still consider tantra to be full of obscenities and unfit for people of good taste. It is also often accused of being a kind of black magic. However, in reality, tantra is one of the most important Indian traditions, representing the practical aspect of the Vedic tradition.

The religious attitude of the tantriks is fundamentally the same as that of the Vedic followers. It is believed that the tantra tradition is a part of the main Vedic tree. The more vigorous aspects of Vedic religion were continued and developed in the tantras. Generally tantriks worship either Goddess Shakti or Lord Shiva.

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Tantra Chakras

Tantra Chakras, or wheels of life, are energy centers located along the spine in the etheric body. Each chakra is related to a corresponding endocrine gland. A healthy chakra should be spinning rapidly with each chakra moving the next one along. A weak chakra spins very little, if at all, and can therefore slow down the spinning of the subsequent chakras. When any chakra is halted or slowed down, illness sets in because the flow of energy is impeded. Active, healthy chakras not only stimulate our physical being, but they also keep us healthy and balanced emotionally and mentally.

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Experience erotic pampering and open yourself up to new sensory experiences you may have never known before. Erotic massage is intended to relax and build total awareness of ones sexual energy through the power of sensual touch.  Using a unique combination of bodywork and Tantric techniques that include a full Lingam massage to create a seamlessly blended bespoke stress-relief with intense full-body bliss for your ultimate stress melting satisfaction.

lingam massage

Your beautiful therapist will pour fragranced (or scent-free) oil onto your body as she starts your erotic massage. Your body can deeply relax and your senses re-awaken as you feel her glide down your body, the erotic charge of her body caressing and teasing yours.

The strokes your therapist uses will vary in pressure from light feather touches with silken scarves to deep tissue massage, relaxing every muscle in your body. As your senses align with the sensations in your body, you will feel the erotic energy intensifies, and there becomes a natural time to shift the focus to the sex centre of your body.

One of our experienced and beautiful Tantric therapists will start your lingam massage (lingam is the Sanskrit word for the sex centre and translates as Magic wand of light) The lingam massage is never rushed and there is no goal of orgasm, it is not necessary to have an erection to enjoy this erotic experience. The goal is to receive delicious pleasure and to explore techniques using the senses and the breath, to bring a timeless and treasured awareness of deep erotic pleasure.

Your Tantrika will slow down, stop, or change what she is doing . This repeated “peaking” process will help you learn to have multiple orgasms without ejaculating an unforgettable experience of ecstatic full body pleasure.

Any issues you may have can be discussed with your Tantric therapist and she will tailor make the session to your individual needs. She will explain any boundaries depending on the Temple space, but this will all be made clear to you at the time. Some Temples have a bath ritual as part of the service; others use this as an extra, so please be clear if you would prefer this included when you book.

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We want you to feel your body, to have time to feel comfortable and cared for and to let go. Experience sensual pampering and open yourself up to new sensory experiences you may have never known before. Sensual massage delights the senses and alleviates stress and tension throughout your entire body, refreshing and invigorating you, soothing your emotions, and deeply relaxing the mind.

sensual massage

Your sensual massage therapist starts by relaxing and connecting with you. A soothing aromatic oil is used, heightening your senses. Her hands in contact with your body, never rushed, taking her time, being rhythmic yet sensitive, and proceeding from long gliding strokes to deeper ones. Receive a wonderful full body massage in which every part of your body is touched in a loving way, pleasured with tender and strong touch, between excitement and relaxation, between stillness and movement.

This sensual experience has a deeply relaxing effect on body and soul. Your desire for tenderness and intimacy will be met and you will feel sensuality as life energy in each cell of your body. Sensual massage will connect you with your own sensitivity where you will find your inner silence and calmness while you let waves of deep relaxation, and subtle erotic excitement stream through your whole body.

Our therapists are all fully trained and experienced massage therapists who delight in giving you a seductive and sensual experience, all inspired by your own gratifying pleasure. Indulge in a pampering, revitalizing experience as you relax your mind and body and enter a zone of bliss, as waves of energy wash your stress away. Rediscover your body and unlock your mind to receive the extraordinary potential of your sensual awareness.

Loose yourself completely, there is nothing to do… simply be in a world of silence and deep relaxion, in a world of sensual touch, in a world of tenderness and lust.

Stress is no doubt something everyone has experienced at some point in their lives, whether it is in response to a situation or cause. People vary in the way they respond to and deal with stress. Some people are able to deal with a high level of stressful situations before it takes its toll on them. Others have difficulty dealing with any amount of stress. We are all made up very differently and that is why different methods work for different people in alleviating the symptoms and effects of stress.

Even if you do not think that you are stressed, you may still be suffering some symptoms of it. These can include problems with sleep patterns, irritability, stomach issues or blood pressure problems and constant headaches. If you have any of these symptoms, of course there may be other underlying reasons and you should have them checked out by your doctor, but you can also take steps yourself to remove or at least ease them. Sensual massage London can really help when you feel stressed or feel as if you need a little help in relaxing your mind and body.

Your needs and wishes are the most important aspect of your sensual massage London.

Choosing a sensual massage is one of the best decisions you can make as it can have huge benefits to the mind and body and can quickly and easily remove some of those high symptoms of stress. Whilst you relax and enjoy your massage, your blood pressure will ease, which will also reduce or remove headaches. Anxiety will be removed, which will ease nausea and stomach irritations. Your muscles will be massaged leaving them feeling relaxed, which in turn will help your sleep pattern, removing insomnia. In fact many of the highest symptoms caused by stress can be easily addressed in one simple erotic massage.

Your sensual massage will be the highlight of your day and as it is so wonderfully relaxing and stimulating at the same time, you may find you want it to go on for as long as possible.

There are always options when you book your sensual massage London with us and if you want a longer appointment, simply ask as very often your extra needs and wishes can be accommodated.

Why Choose Outcall Massage?

People sure are ready to get a massage but they don’t really know whether to choose an outcall massage or an incall massage.

Incall vs. Outcall massage

Outcall massage is also known as the mobile /onsite or housecall massage. The therapist travels to the place of the client in case of outcall massage services. This place can office, home or a hotel room. Theenvironment where the massage is conducted is new to the therapist. Incall massage on the other hand occurs within the premises of the therapist. The client has to visit the salon, clinic or office of the therapist to get the massage. Incall massage service allows the therapist to use more of his time for performing the massage therapy.

masseuse take taxi to provide outcall massage

Why Outcall massage?

Outcall massage services can be more comfortable for the client because he is familiar to the surrounding where the massage is to be carried out. It is a great option for those clients who are not comfortable at visiting new places and who are not comfortable to get an erotic massage in a strange environment. A great thing is, the client does not have to leave his place or travel to experience the expedition he had been missing in life. It can save you time and reduce the travel expenses too.

The massage etiquettes for the outcall massage are the same as incall massage but there are a few additions. Thetherapist is going to be need ample of space and room to set up his table and get started with his work. The duration of the massage is going to be a more than usual, there should be no interruptions. People usually call a therapist to hotel rooms because they are more peaceful and quiet and there is no unexpected interruption. You will find all your privacy at the hotel and enjoy the massage.

  • Outcall massage is going to be the best option for those individuals who have suffered from some injury and they cannot travel to the massage center to get a massage.
  • If you are a busy person and you can’t travel to the massage center but you really want to enjoy a relaxing massage and forget your worries for a while, the outcall massage would be the solution to your problem.
  • For some individuals, it is uncomfortable to not be in a controlled environment. Erotic massages can let a client express in different ways. When reaching to pleasure at its peak, the body reacts with excitement and the client makes noises. Some clients might not be comfortable to do this at a massage center. For them, outcall massage is the best solution.


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Truly safe massages

Do not worry, outcall massages are safe. There are some massage parlors that offer outcall services to a few trusted clients and they charge high for it. On the other hand, there are some parlors that only offer outcall massage services. If you want to be sure you have hired a trusted therapist, you can ask for referrals from clients.

Best romantic restaraunts in London

So you’re that average everyday nice guy, you’re not someone who is seen as a ‘weirdo’ but you feel like someone in need of a social boost. We’ve all bean there, the problem is that you just need a bit more flavour in your life! That’s where we come in handy, there have been so many clients that come to us not because they’re lonely, but many of our clients are clients like you, your everyday nice guy. There have been some great places our clients have discovered because they’re just in need of a good night out! As our clients personal details are strictly confidential we will not indulge in any personal information, however that’s not to say we cant speak about venues that clients have been out to before for a nice wine and dine meal out. Here are some of our favourite restaurants.

This first restaurant is a real winner, Boundary is found just under Shoreditch St, down a stairwell. It’s a gorgeous looking eatery, very spacious and crosses both a funky and a luxury element. The service is not rushed and on top of this there beautiful trade mark open kitchen is directly in eye sight so you can gaze with wonder as the talented chef prepares your meals. Also six floors up, there is a 1950’s style bar, very quirky! So if you want to have a drink after your meal (and get some exercise!) then venture up the six floors and find yourself taken back by the time travelling experience.

Another great restaurant to look up is Momo on Heddon St, this stunning Moroccan restaurant attracts quite a fair few. The type of restaurant for couples on ‘special events’, but why leave all the fun to the couples? Grab yourself an escort and get down there, Enjoy the experience! With very sexy Marrakesh-style interiors, sparkling with light from carefully placed areas due to the delicate Mashribiya-style windows and lovely metalwork lanterns it couldn’t get more romantic. Tables are small, but purposely small to get up close with your other half, it just adds to the atmosphere.

Trinity is the next restaurant up for praises, a favourite among most clients, they believe that the quality of food is better, the crowd is happier and the quality of service is higher. Serving modern French dishes they enjoy designing very intricate meals, for example the charred mackerel with a parcel of cucumber wrapped shrimp is just to die for, not to mention the chunky apple crumble in a ramekin. Trinity is situated just on Claphams’s Abbeville Road and will not fail to impress you, Find your gorgeous escort and have a go at Trinity!


Finally, the last restaurant I am going to talk about is Yauatcha. This lavish oriental style restaurant is one to remember, this is because it serves amazing food yet on top of that maintains a glorious ‘night life’ style theme. The one negative about this is that you don’t want to leave after the meal….. or ever! Keep the oriental theme by selecting one of our lovely ladies to take with you and give you the thrill of your life. This is really a night to be booking work off the next day because your head will feel six foot wide.

There are some simply amazing areas waiting to be discovered in London, and with amazing areas must come amazing company. make sure you do the right thing and invite one of London’s best Asian escorts to come with you, you wont regret it. In fact you’ll regret not coming to us earlier!ers

Massage for the night

London is a city full of fun, nightclub , lap dance club and some ladies offering  companionship in the city.

Let’s digging into the mystic side of London.

Some of the call girls called them self ‘London escort’ and they has many tricks for entertain the customers. TSFZ interviewed an escort lady Lisa, she friendly, pretty and smart, she introduced her massage service and donation rate.

Massage is the most popular service, here are some of the massages for the ‘sexy night in London’.

escort provide massage

There are lots of erotic massage services to choose from. Each one has its own way and popularity. Below is a short description of the most popular erotic massages available.

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About the Tantric massage

Tanric massage is the massage that can help you awaken your sexual energy as one of the primary goals of the massage is to enlighten the Tantra. Kundalini is a dominant part that can awaken your sexual energy and provide you healing energy.

London Tantric massage is becoming more and more popular in our culture because of the pleasure and health benefits it can bring. The massage is capable of awakening the Kundalini and eventually awakening your sexual energy. The massage is also capable of making you feel as if you are in a new world, where there are no physical boundaries. Eventually all your worries are going to disappear and you will no longer remember your problems.

Tanric massage is also being been enjoyed for meeting the sexual needs and awakening up the social expectations that seem to be covered up with the daily stress and strain.

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